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Peg-less Laundry Line With Hooks

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Push edges of clothing between the twisted twin cords to secure.
Total non-extended length: 75”
To ensure your continued safe use of this product, please follow the below instructions. Use only as a clothes line. Before each use, always check to ensure the clothes line is in good condition. If you have any doubts, do not use. Dispose of it carefully. Properly hook each end to a fixed object that will hold securely. Make sure to snap the locking thong over the end of the hook. Use extreme caution while stretching the cord. Never extend the cord beyond 50% of its original length. Keep your face and other vulnerable body parts away from the cord rebound path to avoid injury in the event of accidental release.
Do not overload the line - maximum recommended load 4 kgs – evenly spread along the line. This product is not designed to secure loads (i.e. loads on a car rack, etc.). For temporary use only.
Not designed to be used for long periods.

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